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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

EPA Has New Drilling Tip Line

Everyone around here should know that the EPA has set up a new tip line for anyone who wants to report suspicious activity related to oil and gas development and production.  You know, things like:
·        Dumping produced water into creeks;
·        Burying radioactive sludge in un-lined pits;
·        Leaving radioactive pipes lying around; or
·        The double whammy: dumping radioactive pits into radioactive creeks.

The EPA phone number is 1-877-919-4EPA and it’s free.  You can also e-mail them at: and they have a US Mail address at their website if you want to make sure your tip is in writing.  This EPA tip line may be a bit late for Martha, but some of us may have drilling for deep gas happening on other properties and this might help with any problems.

(Hat tip: Amy Mall at NRDC)

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