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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Luck to All

Well, it has been a while since we posted.  We've been watching the world spin from the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  We're happy BP appears to have plugged their mess in the Gulf of Mexico.  People of the Gulf, we, more than anyone, know what's in store for you for the next few decades and you have our sympathy.  Once the media goes on to the next big story BP will start dragging its feet on the cleanup.  Lawsuits will be filed and drag through the courts but nothing will get settled in time to save the livelihood of hundreds if not thousands of people.  Good luck to the people of the Gulf Coast.

We also want to wish good luck to Elizabeth Burns of the Rancho los Malulos blog and her family.  For months we've followed her adventures on a big ranch in south Texas; dealing with the likes of crooked oil companies, menacing drug smugglers, government slackers, lax border enforcement and hordes of illegal aliens.  If you haven't read the blog you need to.  It documents how far things have gone off the rails in the United States of America.  She and her family have had to move from the ranch due to the oil companies' accelerated drilling program.  Yes, that's right.  Due to the oil companies, not the drug smugglers or illegal aliens.  Once again. we wish the family good luck.

If you think illegal aliens are just a problem for Rancho los Malulos that doesn't affect you, then we hope you don't live in New York or North Carolina.  If you listen to Elizabeth's July 30 interview of two illegals on her ranch, you'll notice that they are from Mexico (Chiapas) heading to New York and North Carolina.  So good luck to the Mexicans.  We hope they find that New York and North Carolina are everything they expect. Also, good luck to the people of New York and North Carolina.  We hope you need a couple more poor farmers from Chiapas.

And finally, while we're throwing good luck around we want to toss some toward the Toxic Soup boys who are pitching their film about industrial pollution at festivals in Maine and New Jersey in the next couple of months.  Good luck and keep telling the story.  Who knows, someone may listen.

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